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Data centers

Learn how to protect equipment from hazards and outages through training and demons on the Experience Center’s live data center applications.

Innovative, mission-critical solutions

Companies are spending billions of dollars each year to protect equipment from hazards, outages and power quality issues. The Eaton Experience Center in Pittsburgh offers a data center application area that explores, tests and demonstrates products and solutions. At the facility, visitors can view a wide range of products for data centers, including:

  • Air flow management
  • Rack mounted power distribution
  • Cable tray systems and cable management
  • Metering and monitoring
  • Energy advantage architecture
  • Backup power

Featured application: 9395 UPS

Featured within the facility’s data center application area, the 9395 Power Xpert UPS represents the latest technology in Eaton’s high efficiency UPS systems. The 9395 UPS system features one to four 275 kVA power modules that maintain low harmonic distortion, high power factor and modularity demonstrated at the Experience Center. The demonstration for VMMS highlights the energy savings and waveforms during a full power interruption event. The demo also highlights the energy saver system mode and shows the < 2mS response of the 9395 during a full interruption or deep voltage sag and shows how loads continue to operate while saving approximately $10,000 per year for a 550 kVA unit.

Market training courses

More than 80% of the visitors to the Experience Center come for customized electrical training. With the full scale equipment starting at the utility substation all the way to the receptacles in your home, we can deliver almost any type of training related to electrical system reliability, electrical safety, energy management or microgrids.